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Divorce Loans

We provide intelligent, fast and effective finance solutions

Our funding covers legal fees and disbursements to the conclusion of the case.

Our funding can level the playing field against a financially dominant opponent. Equally, our loans can provide a financially logical solution for the financially dominant party in a variety of circumstances.

In most cases, repayment is only required after the case reaches conclusion with no payment required up-front.

Our in-house experts conduct our own due diligence so decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

Finance may be provided through a full recourse loan or non-recourse funding arrangement, depending on the specific nature of the case.

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What we offer

A strong and dependable approach grounded in years of relevant litigation experience


As one of the first generation of litigation lenders in the market, our experience of funding litigation is second to none. We employ experienced lawyers and finance professionals who are experts in their fields. These experts enable us to assess cases, even unusual ones, on their merits. We give you direct access to those involved in our underwriting decisions and are able to provide indicative decisions without the need for completion of lengthy application forms. Divorce Loans


We have very significant capital ready to be deployed on a short, or long term basis. We are able to approve funding in as little as 48 hours.


With in-house expertise and full control over our funding decisions we can move faster and with greater flexibility than others in the market in approving applications and developing bespoke solutions. With significant access to capital payments are made immediately, ensuring continuous and efficient running of cases. We can fund cases either at the outset or later on in the litigation. Divorce Loans


Our experience shows that the key to successful funded litigation is to ensure that the client, legal team and funder maintain a co-ordinated approach throughout the case. Our approach ensures that the legal team moves forward with the case efficiently, secure in the knowledge that funding is readily available from a funding partner with first-hand experience of running similar cases.


We continually strive to develop new and innovative funding solutions across a range of practice areas, ensuring clients and solicitors have access to funding structures that meet their needs. We work with law firms to streamline our processes and products so they work for a particular firm and its clients. Divorce Loans.