Schneider Financial Solutions is Headline Sponsor of Support Through Court Fundraiser Breakfast

Schneider Financial Solutions Ltd is sponsoring and supporting the Support Through Court (formally the PSU) fundraiser breakfast today.

As outlined on the agenda, the events opening remarks will be delivered by Alex Cooke of Schneider Financial Solutions followed by the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, who will be speaking about his first year in office and some of the reforms that he will be putting in place to help reduce the stress and anxiety of those going through the Family courts. ‘The rise in Mental Health Issues in the Family Courts, and How Can We Help’ talks will address not only the awareness of mental health for the litigants, but also of the lawyers themselves.

“The wellbeing and mental health of litigants and lawyers is an important topic that we believe should be spoken about more openly, without taboo,” said Alex Cooke, Managing Director. “We will continue proudly to sponsor Support Through Court and the fantastic work they do.”