Matrimonial Litigation Finance: Judicial Delays

Matrimonial Litigation Finance and Judicial Delays: Antony Ladbrook ran a poll for solicitors who all agreed; they feel it is their duty to inform clients about the possibility of judicial delays. He wrote: “I have seen increasing concern and volume of LinkedIn posts by family lawyers about judicial delays and associated costs. Are you experiencing this? Are your clients aware that this may happen before it does? Please give your answers in the poll below. We also welcome your comments. #lawyers #law #familylaw #londonlawyers #judiciary? Antony’s role at Schneider Financial Solutions oversees business development, marketing, account management and technology. Antony’s function focuses on the areas of financial growth, brand exposure, business processes and special project management. He is also responsible for the growth of our talent resource. Antony is primed to educate the legal network as to the value to of onboarding a Matrimonial Litigation Finance partner. Please contact him if you have any enquiries. Antony worked at the Royal Exchange as an IFA for a High Net Worth specialist before joining HSBC and then working in the Private Client Sector. Antony ‘s experience diversified into L&D, Talent and HR before turning his attentions back to Business Development and Account Management